What we do

Earth Security is an impact investment incubator that combines data, design thinking, and a global network of stakeholders to scale business solutions and impactful enterprises that work with nature as an asset.

“Earth Security’s capacity to bring complexity down to manageable levels of action is outstanding.”

Michael Schaefer, Chairman of the Board, BMW Foundation

Design innovation

Making nature count in investments requires a new approach to investment analysis, companies and underlying business models. We combine research and stakeholder design processes to design opportunities to transform investments for a sustainable future.


Investment advisory

We look at the world differently, through a natural asset lens, to broker cutting-edge investment ideas, support companies to develop an ecosystem-aligned business model, and co-create investment funds for planetary security.


Global research

Overcoming the disconnect between the worlds of finance and the biosphere requires interdisciplinary analyses, new approaches to finance innovation, and investments into regenerative business models and companies. Our research programs provide data-driven intelligence to inform financial decisions across asset classes and drive new opportunities to advance sustainable finance.