Insurance underwriting with nature: Putting mangroves on the balance sheet

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August 1, 2022

Mangrove forests can significantly reduce economic losses from storms and floods, acting as natural coastline barriers. This report sets out the potential for re/insurers, corporate clients and governments to factor these natural assets in their business and policy models.

The report assesses five coastal cities in the Philippines, one of the world’s most climate-vulnerable countries, offering a simplified quantitative model and approach to illustrate the protection value of mangroves against tropical cyclones.

The recommendations offer insights into how re/insurers can meet a growing need from corporate and government clients to drive net-zero and climate resilient investments, and work alongside these stakeholders to factor the protection value of mangroves into risk underwriting, insurance products and commercial strategies.

We're delighted that, as a result of our work and publication of this report, three pioneering 'mangrove insurance' products are being developed in the Philippines. Read more here.
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