African Business

As the voluntary carbon market tethers, how else can African countries that are rich in biodiversity use nature as an investment asset? The African Business Magazine interviewed our founder Alejandro Litovsky to explore in what areas nature-based solutions can support the growth of sustainable investments across the continent.


Impact Investor

Hydropower capacity is expected to double in the coming decades, but many infrastructure investors are already picking up the risks of climate change. Impact-Investor.com speaks to our CEO Alejandro Litovsky about why infrastructure investors need to see nature as an asset and build it into their investment strategy.


IPE Real Assets

“Investors must change their due diligence frameworks when considering a hydroelectric power plant and ask themselves, what is the natural capital input? Where is the water coming from that is so core to my investment?" states Earth Security CEO & Founder Alejandro Litovsky in this article by Christopher Walker.


Coverage: ESG Investor

"A World of Opportunity"

Drawing on our latest report uncovering the value of cloud forests, Earth Security CEO Alejandro Litovsky speaks to ESG Investor about how nature-based solutions offer a world of opportunities for companies and their investors, whether in food, materials, fashion, infrastructure, or financial sectors.


Nature is an asset far more valuable than just its carbon, but how valuable? Mongabay talks to our founder and CEO Alejandro Litovsky about our proposal to work on new financial opportunities to support threatened cloud forests and their vital ecosystem services at scale.


Edie highlights the findings of Earth Security’s newest report, urging investors and nations to collaborate to protect threatened cloud forests – a natural ecosystem of high importance to banks and investors, hydropower operators and other water-intensive industries benefitting from the water services cloud forests currently provide.


New report: Cloud Forest Assets: Financing a Valuable Nature-based Solution

Cloud forests are mountain tropical forests, constantly shrouded in mist, which sit at the headwater of river basins. They capture moisture from the air providing fresh, clean water to communities and industries, including vital water flows to hydropower plants. Our new report reveals how cloud forests have significant economic value that can be unlocked through sovereign funding instruments, generating revenue for governments keen to make best use of their natural assets.



Earth Security CEO and founder selected as UBS Global Visionary

Alejandro Litovsky has been selected as a UBS Global Visionary, and is recognised as a global entrepreneur shaping opportunities to involve financial institutions in the financing of nature.



Watch: Alejandro Litovsky speaks at Monetary Authority of Singapore's conference

“Giving natural assets a place in the portfolios of Asia’s leading financial institutions will require building a supporting financial ecosystem - and this is something that Singapore is uniquely positioned to do”, Earth Security CEO & founder said.



Watch: Earth Security CEO keynote at Temasek’s Philanthropy Asia Summit

At this year's Philanthropy Asia Summit, hosted by the Temasek Foundation, Alejandro Litovsky presented a series of opportunities for philanthropic capital to be deployed in a way that unlocks the private capital that is required to finance nature-based solutions in Asia and address existential risks to the region posed by the climate crisis.



In a feature for Asia Insurance Review, our founder Alejandro Litovsky and Michael Rellosa of the Philippines Insurance and Reinsurance Association (PIRA) discussed how we are moving the re/insurance sector in the Philippines to adopt nature-based solutions.



Coverage: The Manila Times

"Insurance summit on climate change"

Presenting highlights from this year's Asia-Pacific Virtual Insurance Conference, The Manila Times highlights Alejandro Litovsky's keynote speech and encourages all insurance underwriters to read Earth Security's newest report.



Insurance CEO roundtable in the Philippines puts natural assets in the spotlight for industry innovation

Earth Security and its partner the Philippine Insurance and Reinsurance Associatoin (PIRA) hosted re/insurance CEOs and the regulator to discuss the business case for pricing natural assets in underwriting. The discussion built on the strategy recommendations of Earth Security’s latest report and centred on opportunities to improve products, business strategies, and the formation of an industry working group to drive collaboration on specific solutions.



Watch: Earth Security CEO keynote at Asia-Pacific Insurance Conference

In a keynote at the Asia-Pacific Insurance Conference, Alejandro Litovsky presented an innovative blueprint for re/insurance companies to integrate natural assets into product innovation. The market opportunity includes pricing the value of natural assets into policies, creating new insurance products to protect natural capital and supporting the transition of corporate and government clients to net-zero and climate resilience.



Moving the dial on climate change means focussing on the opportunities and benefits of making nature itself the foundation for green infrastructure, says Alejandro Litovsky. In a column for IPE Real Assets, Earth Security’s CEO outlines why restoring nature is a powerful tool for businesses to build resilience and achieve net-zero.



New report: Boosting sustainability in insurance by harnessing the value of mangrove forests

Until now, the value of natural assets such as mangroves has been widely overlooked in the business sector. Our new report offers a simple methodology using available science and public datasets for five coastal cities in the Philippines, with recommendations to drive strategic decisions, models and products in the race to resilience.



Earth Security: Let's raise the ambition on World Ocean Day

On World Ocean Day 2022, Earth Security calls for a raised collective ambition to finance nature for coastal resilience at scale. With the M40 Initiative, we work towards mobilising private sector finance for mangroves as a powerful nature-based solution for coastal resilience, climate mitigation and sustainable livelihoods.



Coverage: Venture Capital and Nature

Interview with the Nordic Impact Business Summit

Alejandro Litovsky, founder and CEO of the UK based com­pany Earth Security sees a huge opportunity for investors to invest in natural as an asset class; by investing in protection, restoration, and regeneration economies.


Update; the-m40-initiative

Earth Security partners with UBS to build The M40 initiative

Swiss bank UBS has announced a US$2 million investment in Earth Security’s catalytic Mangrove 40 (M40) initiative. The initiative, which Earth Security first described earlier this year, aims to scale up innovative finance for a pipeline of mangrove conservation and restoration projects across the tropical belt of the planet, the remaining mangrove frontier. Additionally, UBS is matching 10 percent of contributions made by its clients.



Earth Security wins GEF Challenge

Today, at a ceremony during the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, Earth Security was named as a winner of The Global Environment Facility’s Challenge Program for Adaptation Innovation. A competition that provides seed funding for innovative initiatives designed to help vulnerable countries cope with the worsening climate crisis.


Update; the-m40-initiative

HSBC Australia and Earth Security launch new project to create a 'Mangrove Bond'

Earth Security is moving to implementation of its 'municipal mangrove bond' proposal by partnering with HSBC Australia. The Australia-first project is part of HSBC Australia’s broader commitment to developing new financial tools, including nature-based climate solutions, which can support the transition to a low carbon economy and also protect livelihoods in local communities. The two-year project builds on previous work conducted by Earth Security throughout 2020, which identified the opportunity for municipal districts and cities to issue bonds to support mangrove ecosystems and also 40 specific locations, including Brisbane and Darwin, with the potential to do so.



Coverage: Australian Banking + Finance

"HSBC, NAB bring new ESG products to market"

Australian Banking + Finance features the work Earth Security is doing in partnership with HSBC Australia which is positioning the bank as a leader in financing innovative nature-based solutions. The article announces the launch of our new project to create a 'mangrove bond', an innovative financing solution that recognises the value of this vital ecosystem in the fight against climate change, alongside other ESG product innovations in Australian capital markets.



Webinar: Financing and Valuation of Ecosystem-based Adaptation in the Philippines

As part of our ongoing initiative to facilitate private sector engagement for financing ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA) in the Philippines, Earth Security co-convened a Webinar with the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) on the Financing and Valuation of Ecosystem-based Adaptation in the Philippines.



Podcast: 'DFIs can align their portfolios with nature', Earth Security CEO speaks with Uxolo Development Finance

Alejandro Litovsky, Founder & CEO, Earth Security, talks with Sam McManus, Director at Uxolo Development Finance. They focus on the role of nature-based investment opportunities can play in securing the commitments to net-zero, delivering economic returns for investors and in protecting and regenerating our natural ecosystems. The discussion references Earth Security’s mangroves case study for CDC Group plc for Zephyr Power’s 50MW wind project near Karachi, Pakistan, creating the mangroves 40 cities network and the mangrove municipal bond fund.