The Blended Finance Playbook for Nature Based Solutions

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June 22, 2021

Earth Security's new report provides a practical roadmap for public finance institutions (DFIs, donors, foundations) and long-term investors to use blended finance strategically to unlock investments in nature.

Nature may be our ultimate asset, but the markets that will enable investors to invest in precious ecosystem services are still nascent. Only 5% of blended finance transactions over the past 15 years have focused on nature.

We explore four types of blended finance tools that can help public finance institutions to leverage private capital. The report shows how public institutions can use their balance sheets more strategically and build the global capacity needed to link capital with nature's assets.

Are you interested in learning more about blended finance and how it could be of benefit your organisation's investments? Then get in touch with us.

"Mobilising investment for nature and climate at the scale that is required calls for new approaches that are based on finance collaborations. We are partnering with Earth Security to provide the practical template that is needed in order to activate decision-makers across the financial ecosystem. This timely report is providing investors, governments and philanthropists with a common playbook to understand how they can work together, with opportunities to increase their participation in deploying catalytic capital for nature." Maya Ziswiler, CEO, UBS Optimus Foundation

"The DNA of blended finance is based on collaboration. It brings together government, private finance, philanthropic investors and corporates based on comparative advantages and relative risk tolerances. As a development bank, DFC has provided technical assistance, political risk insurance and partial credit guarantees to projects to improve the risk-return equation and incentivise the private sector to come in.” Jamie Cashman, Director, Investments, US International Development Finance Corporation

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