Who we are

We are a global team combining data intelligence; solution designers, investment advisors and big picture thinkers. We are driven by our belief that with our planet’s life-support systems on the brink, and the impact on human prosperity on the balance, nature’s value must become central across global investment.

“A tremendously innovative approach. This has not been done before so systematically.”

Jeffrey Sachs, UN Advisor

Our story

Earth Security was founded in 2011 in London by Alejandro Litovsky, an Argentinian-born entrepreneur, to make natural capital a central theme in the emerging field of sustainable investments. It addressed the need for more rigorous data and analysis, to allow companies and investors to see the opportunities to shift capital and business models to support nature’s vital services.

Putting ‘Earth’ and ‘Security’ together meant seeing the stewardship of nature as a way to build resilience and more inclusive models for a world of unprecedented environmental change.

Over two years of incubation, in 2011 and 2012, Earth Security facilitated collaboration between banks, investors, companies, and scientists to explore the potential of this approach. This included investor-funded research projects on sustainable approaches to land and agriculture investments, hosting workshops with banks and asset managers with platforms such as the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, gathering investors and scientists to explore new data models with the support of BMW Foundation, and studying the world’s first proposed oil-for-nature sovereign finance deal in the Ecuadorian Amazon with the Tällberg Foundation.

By 2013, this collaborative enterprise led to the launch of the ‘Earth Security Index’, a data analysis tool that assessed the impact of resource pressures on energy, commodity value chains and manufacturing sectors in emerging markets. This approach has since been used globally by governments, banks, insurers, and corporate organisations to develop investment programmes, develop foresight on key material trends, and drive innovation in market-entry strategies and product design. The Index was published annually from 2013 to 2017, when Alejandro presented the annual report with a keynote at HSBC’s Sustainable Finance Forum in New York.

Earth Security’s focus on actionable intelligence, and its ability to move from insights to innovative solutions that inspire action, continue to drive its mission to support the transition of global investment sectors to working in balance with our planet’s resources and biodiversity.