Who we are

We are a global team combining data intelligence; solution designers, investment advisors and big picture thinkers. We are driven by our belief that with our planet’s life-support systems on the brink, and the impact on human prosperity on the balance, nature’s value must become central across global investment.

“A tremendously innovative approach. This has not been done before so systematically.”

Jeffrey Sachs, UN Advisor

Our story

Earth Security was founded in 2011 by Alejandro Litovsky with one ambition: to catalyse a shift in investment and economic decision-makers to make natural assets – and the stability of our planet’s life-support systems – a central focus in global investment.


We work at the intersection of finance, sustainability and natural capital. We provide agility and connected thinking, combining intellectual rigour, creativity and a drive towards practical action.

Partners and clients

We work with leading financial institutions, companies, foundations and governments to drive global leadership and innovation to finance nature’s assets.


We're always looking for talented and motivated individuals to join our team. See what's open or get in touch.