Watch: “The blended finance playbook for nature-based solutions”

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March 23, 2021

Learn from the main blended finance instruments that are enabling foundations, development finance banks, investors and companies, to participate in a growing pipeline of natural capital projects in some of the world’s most innovative financial transactions for nature.

Developing blended finance partnerships and vehicles is a long, complex and time-consuming process. The range of innovative finance mechanisms at play, including sovereign blue bonds, payment for ecosystem services funds or private equity funds, face significant barriers to attract private investment and scale.

Our webinar brought together finance leaders that are shaping blended finance models for nature across the public and private sectors, to reflect on how they approach these models and what the opportunities ahead are.

Financing nature-based solutions at scale is paramount to stabilise climate and restore the ecosystems on which we depend for freshwater, food and other vital services. Blended finance partnerships will continue to evolve, providing public, philanthropic and private capital a conduit for collaboration.

The event provided an audience of 300 decision-makers in foundations, public finance institutions, investors, companies and NGOs with the practical insights needed to accelerate the deployment of blended finance to grow the pipeline of projects around the world.


  • Adam Connaker, Director, Innovative Finance, The Rockefeller Foundation.
  • Jason Scott, Principal, Renewable Resources Group – RRG.
  • Jamie Cashman, Director, Investments, US International Development Finance Corporation.
  • Avril Benchimol Dominguez, Senior Finance Specialist, Global Environment Facility.
  • The discussion was chaired by Alejandro Litovsky, Founder & CEO, Earth Security.

Earth Security is an agency linking global finance with nature’s assets. The webinar was part of Earth Security’s global program ‘Financing the Earth’s Assets’, which develops the data, analysis and collaboration opportunities to create global pipelines to finance natural assets. The program is supported by HSBC, UBS Optimus Foundation, and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

Watch the webinar recording here.

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