Watch: Earth Security CEO keynote at Asia-Pacific Insurance Conference

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June 27, 2022

Last week, Earth Security’s CEO & founder Alejandro Litovsky gave a keynote presentation at the Asia-Pacific Insurance Conference. Here, he presented a blueprint for re/insurance companies to integrate natural assets into product innovation.

The conference was organised by the Insurance Institute for Asia and the Pacific and brought together CEOs, leading experts and industry figures to explore how the re/insurance sector can adapt to the challenges posed by climate change.

Litovsky's keynote focused on a market opportunity for re/insurers across Asia-Pacific to price the coastal protection value of natural assets such as mangroves into their policies, create new insurance products to protect natural capital and, importantly, support the transition of their corporate and government clients to net-zero and climate resilience.

The keynote speech and messages draw on Earth Security's work over the past two years with the Philippine Insurance and Reinsurance Association (PIRA) and its corporate members, identifying opportunities to integrate nature-based solutions such as mangroves into their underwriting and commercial products. See our strategic report on this work, as well as Alejandro Litovsky's column for Investment & Pensions Europe, discussing the role of mangroves as a resilience tool for infrastructure investments.

Find more Earth Security reports here or get in touch.

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