Our team

Alejandro Litovsky

Alejandro Litovsky is the Founder and CEO of Earth Security, an impact investment incubator that combines data, design thinking, and a global network of stakeholders to scale business solutions and impactful enterprises that work with nature as an asset.

As a strategic advisor, facilitator and spokesperson, Alejandro has been at the vanguard of the impact and sustainable investment space for over 20 years. He has held senior positions at London-based sustainability consultancies AccountAbility and Volans Ventures, worked with Shell International’s Future Scenarios team and for AVINA, a Swiss-based foundation investing in impact ventures in Latin America. He has received multiple awards including the London School of Economics’ Hobhouse Memorial Prize for highest academic achievement, the BMW Foundation Global Leaders Award, and was named a UBS Global Visionary in 2022 for his work on natural capital and investment.

Alejandro is particularly passionate about unlocking the potential of collaboration between public and private organisations, and his work has been used globally by governments, investment banks, insurers, manufacturers, and many other organisations to design sustainable investment strategies and partnerships.