The Investment Value of Nature: The Case of Zephyr Power Limited

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December 1, 2020

Earth Security worked with BII (former CDC) and one of their investments, a wind power project by Zephyr Power Limited in Pakistan, to assess the value of mangrove restoration as a nature-based climate solution.

Our analysis suggests that the investment in mangrove restoration can generate 20 times the value in the protection of physical assets against coastal erosion, saving the project $7 million in maintenance costs over the project’s 25-year timeframe, as well as doubling the incomes of local communities.

This case study provides the investors-facing evidence to leverage the value that natural assets offer across investment portfolios. As climate change increases the risks and costs for investment projects, natural assets, such as mangroves, provide a cost-effective and powerful tool to mitigate these risks and build more resilient investments.

“We know that nature-based solutions have a tangible value in helping project assets to become more resilient to climate change. Our partnership with Earth Security is looking at these economic values more systematically and showing other global investors how they can benefit from integrating nature-based approaches in their projects" - Nik Stone, ESG manager, BII.

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