In this article for ESG Clarity, the source of insight for investors and asset managers, Alejandro Litovsky CEO of Earth Security and Jaffer Machano, Head of the Municipal Finance Programme of the UN Capital Development Fund, draw on Earth Security’s recent proposals on financing mangroves to show how Least Developed Countries (LDCs) many of which are rich in mangrove ecosystems, can maximise the benefits to their economies and long-term climate resilience by participating in a global carbon investment pipeline.



Watch: Towards exponential nature investments. Earth Security CEO keynote watched by 5 million people.

On Earth Day our CEO Alejandro Litovsky gave a keynote speech at The Exponential Climate Action Summit – Financing the Race to Zero, a global event organised by We Have No Time which was watched by over 5 million people around the world. He proposed a practical blueprint to bring the value of nature-based solutions to the worlds of finance, and unlock the potential of nature to fight climate change on a global, exponential scale.



Euromoney features Earth Security's practical analysis and proposals to make biodiversity and natural capital an investable asset in sustainable finance. What does it actually mean for banks and asset managers and what can the private sector do to restore the balance of nature? The article focuses on Earth Security's innovative bid to use municipal bonds to finance mangrove restoration in countries from the US to Bangladesh, which can be aggregated in a global fund that provides the size required by international investors.



Watch: “The blended finance playbook for nature-based solutions”

Our webinar brought together finance leaders that are shaping blended finance models for nature across the public and private sectors, to reflect on how they approach these models and what the opportunities ahead are.



Uxolo, the development finance publication, interviews Earth Security and CDC Group on their collaboration to map the investment value of mangroves for its investment in Pakistan, and reflects on the wider findings and applications of Earth Security's new report on Financing the Earth's Assets: The case for Mangroves as a Nature-based Climate Solution.



Earth Security chairs panel of investors identifying paths to scale at the Natural Capital Investment Conference 2021

Earth Security’s CEO chaired a panel of banks and investors at Environmental Finance’s Natural Capital Investment Conference 2021, which explored investment strategies, the market gaps and opportunities to grow a global pipeline of nature-based investments.



Earth Security launches new programme to catalyse insurance leadership for nature-based solutions in the Philippines.

On February 17th 2021, Earth Security launched a new programme to help the insurance and reinsurance sector in the Philippines to capture some of these opportunities. The programme will help develop innovative products, underwriting models and partnerships as part of the sector’s climate leadership. By underwriting risks to companies in every industry sector, the insurance and reinsurance sector can play a catalytic role in sending market signals for companies to incorporate the value of nature more actively in their business models.



Podcast: How can we accelerate action on nature and biodiversity in 2021?

Earth Security, Patagonia and the Woodland Trust join together for a new podcast episode from Edie.net. This features an exclusive biodiversity-focused conversation about the challenges and opportunities to making nature and biodiversity a key part of the business agenda.



Podcast: LDCs must be part of the global investment pipeline for nature

The UN Capital Development Fund inaugurates its 2021 podcast series by interviewing Alejandro Litovsky. The podcast discusses how investments in natural capital can help LDCs reach their economic and development goals; and the type of investors, investment strategies and transactions succeed in low-income countries.



Convening a 'Natural Capital Council'​ can help Biden to build a climate presidency that is relevant at home.

By recognising the value of America's natural capital, President Biden can refresh US climate leadership, while vowing to mobilise finance for solutions to domestic issues. A 'Natural Capital Council' can advise the President on how US industries, states and cities can use nature-based solutions to build their economic resilience. Such a council can help pull together the significant expertise, private capital and innovative finance models that are readily available across the United States.



Euromoney Magazine interviews Alejandro Litovsky, CEO of Earth Security, on the agenda for Biden's Presidency on climate change. The US president’s prompt action in rejoining the Paris Agreement has given encouragement to environmentalists at home and abroad. What should be next on his green hit list?



In his monthly column in the new Sustainable Business Review, Mike Scott analyses the latest news developments in sustainable finance, from the boom in ESG funds to biodiversity climbing up the investment agenda


Update; the-m40-initiative

Watch: Earth’s assets, the business case for financing mangroves as a nature-based solution

Earth Security’s new report proposes the financing of mangroves as a powerful nature-based climate solution. The report quantifies the value of mangroves as an asset for investors, and proposes a blueprint to embed this value in the financing of climate adaptation of vulnerable cities. In doing so, Earth Security is proposing to use nature-based solution as a cost-effective way to close the gap in financing of $65 trillion that cities need to upgrade their infrastructure to deal with climate change by 2030.



Investing in partnership with nature: An interview with Jennifer Pryce, President and CEO, Calvert Impact Capital

Following her participation in a webinar of our Financing Earth’s Assets programme, we caught up with Jennifer Pryce, President and CEO of Calvert Impact Capital to explore her thinking on nature-based investments. She has invested in some of the most promising transactions in this space, from the world’s first ‘sovereign blue bond’ issued by the Republic of the Seychelles, to innovative ‘forest resilience bonds’ that address wildfires in California. At the start of 2021, we reflect with Jennifer on the measures that can accelerate the pace of change.



Forbes covers the launch of Earth Security's mangroves report. “The evidence on the value of nature is clear. But we must move faster and more boldly in investing in nature’s assets; from isolated small projects to a planetary scale,” said Alejandro Litovsky, chief executive of Earth Security. “The mind-boggling economic value of mangroves as a climate solution is a perfect example of why investing in natural assets is the route to align ecological and economic returns.”



New report: Global investment in the restoration of mangroves could return $11.8 billion by 2040

London & Copenhagen, 10 December 2020. A new report by Earth Security, environmental finance specialists, finds global investment in mangrove regeneration could return $11.8 billion by 2040 if carbon markets were to reflect the true value of nature.



Earth Security launches new programme in the Philippines to help local municipal mayors to access adaptation finance

In one of the worst typhoon seasons to ever hit the Philippines, Earth Security and the Asian Institute of Management launched the ‘Bridging Leaders Initiative for Climate Resilience’ (BLICR).



Building the investment case for financing coastal natural assets, from infrastructure projects to sovereign finance

Almost half of humanity, and some of the world’s largest cities and industrial zones, are located within 100 km of a coast. They are critically exposed to climate change. The coastal ecosystems that protect them are on an accelerated global ecological decline. Innovative finance partnerships will be needed to scale the conservation and regeneration of their ecosystem services such as carbon sequestration, climate risk mitigation and supporting local economies.



Blue carbon: Mobilising private finance at scale towards a nature-based climate solution

Financing nature-based climate solutions offers companies and investors an opportunity to drive carbon sequestration, biodiversity protection and securing the livelihoods of vulnerable communities on a planetary scale.



UBS and Earth Security collaborate on the bank’s guide on oceans

UBS has launched a bank-wide initiative for the protection of the world’s oceans, featuring Earth Security's strategic recommendations for the impact investors and philanthropists that the bank advises.



Earth Security partners and investors' agenda to achieve both climate mitigation and vulnerability targets

London – 21 January 2020. Earth Security convened a group of partners and leading impact finance institutions to discuss how to mobilise finance to the world’s most climate-vulnerable countries, in a way that aligns with climate targets but also delivers tangible development benefits in line with the sustainable development goals (SDGs).



With rice the main staple for half the planet, green bonds to inventivise 150 million smallholder rice farmers to adopt climate-smart practices may help avoid social unrest as well as global warming, argues Earth Security’s Alejandro Litovsky



Leveraging climate finance to scale climate-smart rice production will unlock financing for sustainable rice value chains.



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"'Rice bonds' could boost climate resilience"

New finance solutions, such as bonds attached to sustainable rice harvesting, are urgently needed to unlock private sector finance in support of global food security and climate resilience, according to consultancy Earth Security Group.