Investment advisory

We look at the world differently, through a natural asset lens, to broker cutting-edge investment ideas, support companies to develop an ecosystem-aligned business model, and co-create investment funds for planetary security.

Case study

Quantifying the value of nature: Our work with British International Investments

Earth Security worked with British International Investments to assess the economic value that the restoration of mangroves by one of its investees – Zephyr Power Limited (ZPL) in Pakistan – could provide to the business as a nature-based climate solution. Our analysis identified and quantified tangible value for the investment in three areas: the protection of physical assets, the value to local communities, and regulatory compliance for international capital. The report supports the implementation of BII’s climate strategy and provides the much-needed evidence for investors and the DFI community at large to use natural assets, such as mangroves, as a cost-effective tool to mitigate climate change risks and build more resilient investments.