Design innovation

Making nature count in investments requires a new approach to investment analysis, companies and underlying business models. We combine research and stakeholder design processes to design opportunities to transform investments for a sustainable future.

Global programme

Cloud Forest Assets

The Cloud Forest Assets programme focuses on a specific tropical forest ecosystem that provides a crucial service of water stability, offering the potential to be financed as green infrastructure. The programme works with stakeholders to design innovative financial mechanisms to enable governments, investors, companies and communities to monetise the hydrological function of forests, in addition to the carbon they store, and develop financial opportunities that reward nature protection.

Global programme

The M40 Initiative

The M40 Initiative explores the development of an investment platform that can overcome the barriers that exist to scaling finance for mangrove conservation and restoration on a global scale. It focuses on 40 key locations around the world that contain the majority of the world’s remaining mangroves. The programme involves the development of innovative impact data, investment theses and an investment ecosystem, initially piloting the approach in Indonesia.

Case study

Developing a 'Mangrove Bond': Our partnership with HSBC Australia

Earth Security is working in partnership with HSBC Australia, to develop the blueprint for a ‘Municipal Mangrove Bond’, as an innovative financing model for nature-based climate solutions based on its coastal economic value.

Case study

An insurance model for nature-based adaptation in the Philippines

With a new underwriting model that allows the industry to integrate the coastal protection value of coastal ecosystems into all their insurance products, we are changing the way the insurance and reinsurance companies in the Philippines perceive the 'resilience value' of nature.