Building the investment case for financing coastal natural assets, from infrastructure projects to sovereign finance

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August 26, 2020

Almost half of humanity, and some of the world’s largest cities and industrial zones, are located within 100 km of a coast. They are critically exposed to climate change. The coastal ecosystems that protect them are on an accelerated global ecological decline. Innovative finance partnerships will be needed to scale the conservation and regeneration of their ecosystem services such as carbon sequestration, climate risk mitigation and supporting local economies.

The webinar was part of Earth Security's global research, which identifies trends and opportunities to align global finance with a sustainable future. It is supported by UBS Optimus Foundation, HSBC, CDC Group and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. A report will be launched in December 2020 to inform the development of strategic financing partnerships.

The Speakers:

  • Jennifer Pryce, President and CEO, Calvert Impact Capital, on growing the blue investment space.
  • María Claudia Diazgranados, Director of Conservation Incentives, Conservation International Colombia, on corporate partnerships beyond blue carbon.
  • Nik Stone, Manager ESG Impact, CDC Group, on infrastructure investments and climate change: reflections from a renewable power project in Pakistan.
  • Alfredo M Coro II, Municipal Vice Mayor, Municipality of Del Carmen, the Siargao Islands in the Philippines, on the role of municipal governments in blue finance.
  • Marlena Hurley, Managing Director, Political Risk Insurance and Reinsurance, U.S. International Development Finance Corporation, on how insurance can unlock sovereign blue finance.
  • Chaired by: Alejandro Litovsky, CEO, Earth Security
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