Our team

Max Campbell

Max Campbell is a Senior Data Scientist at Earth Security. With expertise in using mathematical and statistical tools to investigate complex systems, he leads our quantitative research, which provides data-driven insights across all our projects.

Max has a strong interest in using signals found within data to estimate unknown quantities, predict future scenarios, and provide practical advice for decision-making. He uses a combination of advanced statistical models, probability theory, network analysis, and process-based models.

Before working with Earth Security he worked for five years as a Research Scientist in Ecological Modelling at Griffith University. During this period he worked on a diverse range of projects from the resilience of seagrass to climate change to the sustainability of tuna fisheries in developing nations.  

Max has a BSc in Marine Ecology from Griffith University, a BSc in Applied Mathematics from the University of New South Wales, and a first-class honours degree in Quantitative Ecology from the University of Queensland.