Podcast: 'DFIs can align their portfolios with nature', Earth Security CEO speaks with Uxolo Development Finance

This podcast was originally posted by Uxolo Development Finance on 10th May 2021

Sam McManus, Director at Uxolo Development Finance talks with Alejandro Litovsky, Founder & CEO of Earth Security on the role of Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) in advancing climate finance, why nature should be seen as a new asset class, and how to translate natural assets into a DFIs portfolio, drawign on Earth Security's recent work with CDC Group.

Watch the podcast here.

Alejandro discusses Earth Security’s work quantifying the return on investment for mangrove restoration with CDC Group plc for the Zephyr Power’s 50MW wind power investment near Karachi, Pakistan. It also discusses Earth Security's proposal to create a The Mangroves 40 Cities Network and a Municipal Mangrove Bond Fund to scale global investments, and demonstrates how investing in these ecosystems can have a far wider range of economic benefits than their carbon sequestration potential.