The M40 Initiative

The M40 Initiative explores the development of an investment platform that can overcome the barriers that exist to scaling finance for mangrove conservation and restoration on a global scale. It focuses on 40 key locations around the world that contain the majority of the world’s remaining mangroves. The programme involves the development of innovative impact data, investment theses and an investment ecosystem, initially piloting the approach in Indonesia.

Why M40?

Mangrove ecosystems are recognised as a powerful nature-based solution for climate mitigation, coastal resilience and sustainable livelihoods. However, investing in mangroves as an asset has remained elusive. 50% of all mangroves globally have been lost. The remaining mangroves are located in 700+ regions around the world. Of these, the first 40 regions represent 70% of the world’s remaining mangrove ecosystems. 

These regions face many common challenges, including growing coastal cities, aquaculture and development. They all share the need to encourage investments in coastal economic development in balance with the protection and restoration of mangrove ecosystems. How can this be done? What investment examples can be mangrove-positive while creating sustainable economic activities? The Mangrove 40 (M40) explores the development of an investment platform that measures and recognises the various co-benefits provided by mangroves, establishing a global pipeline of projects and connecting them to private and public investors globally.

The M40 concept was developed and launched by Earth Security in 2020, combining analysis and the engagement of 130+ individuals and organisations working on mangroves and blue carbon. You can read more about Earth Security's original blueprint for the M40 here.

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The Mangrove 40 (M40) locations to scale finance

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The M40 Initiative is developed with the strategic support of the UBS Optimus Foundation. Watch the launch of the M40 Initiative at Temasek Foundation’s Philanthropy Asia Summit in Singapore, here.